St. Luke's Hall; Campus Housing Dedicated to Lewis Morris


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Morris, Lewis
St. Luke's Hall; Campus Housing Dedicated to Lewis Morris
Background and Context
Construction completed and dedicated in 1878, St. Luke's Hall was the original home of the University’s “Theology Department” (later School of Theology). It was funded by a $25,000 gift from Charlotte Morris Manigault (1821-1902) as a memorial to her father, Lewis Morris (1785-1863), whose agricultural properties and investments near Adams Run, S.C., relied on a large force of enslaved labor. Legends surrounding the donor, Manigault, and her gifts to the University of the South linked Lost Cause mythologies of Confederate victimhood to the University's identity.
Physical Description
A T-shaped sandstone structure, four stories tall, in the Late Victorian style. The building across its facade measures 160 feet; the rear extends 150 feet.
Memorial Inscription
St.. Luke’s Hall, second stone edifice at Sewanee, was the gift of Charlotte Morris Manigault of Charleston, South Carolina, and Brighton, England. In 1874, at her request it was named in joint honor of the physician-author of the third gospel and of Charles Todd Quintard, M.D., who told her about Sewanee. Cornerstone laid 1875. Dedicated 1878. Renovation completed 1957.
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