Painted portrait of Richard Hooker Wilmer


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Memorial Artwork
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Visual Work of Art
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Painted portrait of Richard Hooker Wilmer
Background and Context
This portrait of Richard Hooker Wilmer, second Bishop of Alabama, is among the historical portraits of the founders and officials of the University of the South hanging in Convocation Hall. Elected Bishop of Alabama in 1862 and was the only bishop consecrated by the Confederate States of America. He enslaved 6 according to the 1860 census and supported the Confederacy and the "Lost Cause" throughout his life. Following the American Civil War, Wilmer was accepted back into the Episcopal Church of the United States but used his station to continue supporting a "southern nationalist" mentality. He was noted as saying about slavery that “the slaveholding population of the southern States were, for the most part, men of standing and culture, imbued oftentimes with a chivalry of spirit which forbade unkindness to the slave who lived under his roof, who ate of his bread, and hearkened unto his voice.”
Physical Description
Pastel on paper. Framed size: 45" x 34".
Creator/Participating Person(s)
Date created, installed or dedicated
26 February 1953
Funded by
Hogue, Richard Wallace
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Location: Institution, City, State

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