DuBose Lectures; lecture series dedicated to William Porcher DuBose.


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DuBose Lectures; lecture series dedicated to William Porcher DuBose.
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The annual DuBose Lectures series of the Episcopal School of Theology of the University of the South was named in honor of William Porcher DuBose, an eminent Episcopal theologian and for more than forty years a member of the Sewanee faculty. The lectures have brought leading international figures in theological and religious studies to the Sewanee campus since their inauguration with a series of four presentations by DuBose in 1924. In April 2021, the School of Theology announced that it was officially dropping the name of DuBose from the lectures series because throughout his professional career at Sewanee DuBose had defended slavery as "not a sin" and as a benefit to both the enslaver and the enslaved. A member of the Theology faculty explained: “DuBose is not the name that best represents our context and what the School of Theology and our alumni have to offer the 21st-century church.” The series now is called the Alumni Lectures.
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April 2021
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